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IUU Fishing and Monitoring, Control and Surveillance


Illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing is a global problem costing somewhere in the order of US$10 to US$23 billion each year.  IUU fishing can have a damaging effect on socially and economically important fish stocks and on the wider environment.  Developing countries often suffer the greatest cost from IUU fishing and there is a strong relationship between the effectiveness of governance arrangements and the level of illegal fishing. 

The MRAG companies have considerable expertise on IUU fishing issues and are acknowledged world leader in techniques to estimate the scale and impacts of IUU fishing.  We have also built up substantial expertise and capacity on state of the art techniques for fisheries monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS). 

Our services include providing advice on improving governance arrangements to combat IUU fishing, best practice MCS techniques, institutional capacity building on IUU and MSC issues, advice on information technology and systems needs to support MCS measures and analytical techniques to estimate the scale and impact of IUU fishing.      


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